Welcome to "Moving Beyond Loss" a group about helping each other through death, divorce, and other losses.

We're here to remember our loved ones, lean on each other, and find ways to move forward in a healthy and positive way.

I'm [Name], facilitator for tonight's meeting. My job is just to make sure we all follow some basic guidelines.

During our get-togethers, we read from "The Grief Recovery Handbook..." and work on the exercises together.

Let's do a quick round of introductions. Say your first name and how you're feeling today using the Feelings and Needs Sheet to help us sort out our emotions and what we might need today. I'll start: I'm [Name], and today I'm feeling/needing....

Thanks, everyone.

In this meeting, we're relaxed about sharing openly. We can comment on what someone says, but we don't give advice. We're here to share and learn from each other's experiences.

Now, let's get into our reading. We take turns volunteering to read, and once someone's done, feel free to share how it resonates with you. We don't time at this meeting but ask that you try to keep your shares to 2-3 minutes, so everyone gets a chance to share. 

Ok, we're on page ___,

Let's end the meeting with the self-love exercise.