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Upcoming Expressions

  • Untethered Being

    Wed 01:00 pm In Session Now!

    This is a book study meeting where reading is done from various spiritual texts including the Untethered book series by Michael Singer. In addition to reading we also allow time for attendees to share their experiences and thoughts related to their spiritual journey. We are currently covering the book "A New Earth" and are listening to the book as read by its author: Eckhart Tolle..

  • From The Ashes ACA

    Wed 07:00 pm

    This is an open meeting and anyone who is respectful of our meeting guidelines is free to join! Please scroll down to follow along during the meeting and have access to the various documents that will be read during the meeting..

  • Non Violent Communication Book Study

    Thu 09:30 am

    Learn to communicate and connect with a level of depth and understanding that you never knew was possible. Being able to relate to others in an authentic way is a skill that can be learned. Join us in studying the excellent works of Marshall Rosenberg as we study Non-Violent Communication together! .

  • The Phoenix ACA

    Fri 07:00 pm

    An ACA Literature Meeting utilizing the Big Red Book of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families.

  • Moving Beyond Loss

    Sun 08:00 pm

    A group about helping each other through loss utilizing the book "The Grief Recovery Handbook: The Action Program for Moving Beyond Death, Divorce, and Other Losses including Health, Career, and Faith How Grief Recovery Addresses Trauma & PTSD.".

  • Tuesday Night CoDA Online

    Tue 07:00 pm

    This is an online CoDA reading and sharing meeting that is held each Tuesday at 7:00 pm PT. We read official Codependence Anonymous literature and have open sharing each week..

What if, deep within each of us, is a manifest destiny waiting to emerge? What if, hidden under layer upon layer of shackle and barrier, is our true self aching to be free, aching to be expressed and fully seen?

What if our reason for living was to discover and embrace that inner self, to be fully seen and fully expressed?

What if, deep within each of us, is an endless river of love and encouragement, safety and security, hoping that with each breath, this path to self discovery can move forward another step?

What if, behind every action we choose to take, there is a bit of love coming from this endless well deep within? What if all of our strengths and power comes from this endless well of love, and the closer we can move to it, the more fully we can connect and express ourselves fully?

What does it mean to have a life of meaning and significance without connecting with and embracing this truest inner self?

Can I look at my actions today, and my actions yesterday, as my attempt to move toward this endless river of compassion? Can I, with not a hint of judgment or self-debasement, see how every action I've ever taken is an attempt to honor this?

I don't know if this path is a journey for everyone but it's my journey. Today, as I reach inside in meditation and connect with this, I see that my actions today and yesterday and my intentions for tomorrow all fit this narrative.

I choose this path because of the beauty I see in it.

- Benjamin Smith