Welcome to our Study Group!

This is an open meeting. We open every Thursday at 9:00 AM, and the meeting ends at 10:30 AM PST.

We meet to learn about and apply Nonviolent communication principles in our daily lives.

During these sessions we focus on listening empathetically to each other and reflecting each other's communications mindfully before giving our own responses. As it feels appropriate and helpful, we practice by creating examples to solidfy our communication patterns.

In order to keep the meeting emotionally safe for all participants, we ask that in this meeting we use relaxed crosstalk guidelines: commenting on each other's shares is accepted, but we avoid judgments, evaluations, and unsolicited advice. Even when advice is requested, we prefer to offer our own experiences in similar situations. A simple guideline is to share from the "I" position: "I think..." "I feel...", "I once had to deal with...".

Before answering questions in this study, we agree to take a silent minute before beginning to respond. Anyone can ask for silent time to integrate what we're learning together.

  1. Check-in: What are you feeling and needing?
  2. Reading online. (Workbook p72 Q5) 
  3. Closing check-out: what are you taking from this meeting?
  4. Keep coming back because practice makes better and learning is good!
  5. baynvc.org Wed 12:00 practice sessions


  1. NonViolent Compassionate Communication A Language of Life Marshall Rosenberg AUDIOBOOK MP3
  2. NVC Marshall Rosenberg - San Francisco Workshop.mp3 YouTube MP3
  3. Feelings.And.Needs.pdf
  4. How to Validate without Coddling
  5. Connected Conversation
  6. NVC Guided Practice.

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